About Dial4Freight

Dial4Freight provides Shippers and Brokers the Opportunity to Streamline the Efficiency of their daily Operations. Smartphones are the way of the future and Dial4Freight is the Future.
Dial4Freight was developed to assist Direct Shippers and Logistic Companies with the flexibility to allow their Employees the opportunity to work remotely. Our advance technology provides Companies with the benefits of issuing one phone number, which will direct Carriers to the Shippers/Brokers current loads to conduct searches, based on the Carrier's current location to the freight. When Dispatchers call in, they will be given the option to provide location information on their Carriers, to Shippers and Brokers before a load has been assigned.
Companies with an assigned phone number, comes with unlimited Users from multiple locations, while Management has the ability to conduct Carrier Compliance and Quality Control from one screen to view multiple locations.
When a Carrier dials a Companies assigned Phone number, a text message link of available Loads is sent to the Carriers Smartphone displaying a list of the loads within 100 miles of the Carrier's current location.