The Load Number

Displays load information

Displays the assignment (date/time)

Carriers Cell Phone

Receives a location text

Receives loads within 100 miles

Carriers Current Address

Carriers current location is returned

Carriers distance from the origin is returned

FMCSA Carriers Information

Carriers MC number is displayed

Carriers FMCSA information is displayed

FMCSA Carriers Safety Score

Displays carriers safety score

Option for carriers drivers record

Hours Of Service (Verification)

Displays carriers Hours Of Service

Verifies carriers Hours Of Service

Cargo Insurance Certificate

Displays insurance certificates

Provides cargo insurance certificates

Bill Of Lading Transmittals

Sends BOL to carriers via text

Stores BOL Transmittal information

Carriers OnBoard

Carriers can transmit stored documents to brokers. While brokers can electronically send their broker package and agreements.